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Explore Local Coffee Shops

Amsterdam Escort Girls and The Local Coffee Shops

Amsterdam escort girls live in the premier city in Holland. The City is a sprawling metropolis with historic sections, modern amenities, and everything that you expect from a major tourist destination. Millions of people come here every year, and many of them come to our Amsterdam Escort Service 24 for the assistance that we can provide. So, are you wondering just what we offer? It starts with beautiful women, girls who are just dying to get with you and show you a good time. Need a guide to the city? Looking for a companion when you go out to dinner? After someone who can keep your bed warm all night long? These girls are the answer in each situation.

It goes father than that, though. Not only can we find you a beautiful Amsterdam escort, but we can give you inside knowledge to our city. In addition, you’re simply not going to have if you’ve not been here before. For example, do you know where the best coffee shops are? Which ones sell legal marijuana? Their location? Do you know how to find the best ones in the heart of the city that have a great selection or the best ones on the coast where the prices are low and you can walk to the beach? At Amsterdam Escort Service 24, we’d love to help you find the ideal shop. Because, no matter where you’re staying or what you’re after, we’ve compiled this totally free travel guide.



Amsterdam Escort – Joy

The name says it all! You and the Amsterdam escort are really going to enjoy every moment that you spend here. It’s a little shop that most people don’t know about, but that’s exactly why it has made this list: It’s not going to be packed to the doors. The small brick building will give you a chance to relax and try out the weed that you buy. They have a pool table for you to use, and, unlike the vast majority of the coffee shops, they let you drink alcohol inside. This is huge, and it’s hard to find in Amsterdam. This place can be difficult to locate, but it’s worth it when you do. Their address is Beschuitsteeg 6a, 2312 JV, Leiden. You can call them at +31 (0)71 5120986.

Bellamy With Our Amsterdam Escort

This shop is on a bit bigger of a street than Joy, so you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service should have no trouble finding the tall brick building. It’s a place where the locals mostly hang out, and you’ll fit right in with your local Amsterdam escort on your arm. On the whole, it’s a pretty relaxed shop. The super pollen comes very highly recommended, as does the Thai. The Thai also has a great price here, at just 20 euros for five grams. Make sure that you take advantage of a deal like that. You can find this shop at 1e Middellandstraat 62, 3014 BG, Rotterdam.


Maybe you’re not after the small-shop vibe, but you want something a bit bigger so you can show off the sexy girl from our Amsterdam escort service. This place fits the bill perfectly, with a capacity of 100 people. The whole place is clean and spacious, and there are two stories, with hardwood floors running throughout. You can tell that the owner takes pride in this shop, unlike some of the smaller “dive” shops that you and the Amsterdam escort may see.

The selection here is also excellent, with K2, Anelix, Bubble Gum, Ketama, Power Plant, White Widow, Orange Bud, and much more. They have TVs, snacks, drinks and plenty of other things so that you will never want to leave. Even if you’re not that close to this shop, we’d really recommend making the trip. It’s worth it. You can find them at Schietbaanlaan 62a, 3021 LL, Rotterdam, though their phone number is unlisted.

The Game

Of course, not everyone wants to take the gorgeous companion that they got from an Amsterdam escort service and spend time in a coffee shop. They just want to drop in and grab some weed so that they can take it back to the hotel, smoke, and climb between the sheets. If that’s what you’re after, The Game is for you. It’s a small place, but they have a good selection that includes Santa maria, White Widow and Power Plant. Everything is already weighed out in 2.2 gram bags, with low prices, so you can just point to what you want, grab it, and head off to enjoy the beautiful Amsterdam escort all night long. This shop is located at Nieuwstraat 4, 2511 AV, ‘s-Gravenhage. You can call them if you want by dialing +31 (0)70 3450574.

Your Next Step: The Gallery

As noted, helping you learn more about the city is only half of our job. We also have sexy, alluring escorts who would love nothing more than to meet up with you. These girls can show you a good time in the sex clubs and hotel rooms, giving you another experience that is totally legal in Amsterdam, which you may not have been able to find at home. They love sex, and you’ll know why when you sleep with them; the girls at our Amsterdam escort service are incredible good at what they do. For you, the next step is simply checking out the gallery to find out which girls you want to meet the most. Then you can contact us and set it up so that you don’t have to waste any time when you get here!

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The ravishing escorts in the gallery are only a phone call or an email message away. Isn’t it worth taking just a moment to contact us? Consider a side trip to Kudelstaart if you’re adventurous. Think of all of the fun you could have with an Amsterdam escort who takes your breath away and gives you the sexual adventures you’ve always craved!

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