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Haarlem Escorts Take You To Hemp City: A Place for Freedom and Fun!

Haarlem wasn’t nicknamed Hemp City for nothing, and Haarlem Escorts can show you the way.  If you come here and meet up with a girl from our Amsterdam Escort Service 24, you’re quickly going to find that this city is dedicated to freedom. In addition, its as fun as any place on Earth, with dozens of coffee shops that provide legal, cost effective weed for you to purchase. For people from Amsterdam, this is just a natural, everyday occurrence. Those coming to visit from other countries might find it to be shocking and exciting. An Amsterdam escort can help you out if you’ve never been here before.



Going Out with a Beautiful Girl At Haarlem Escorts

Of course, going out to smoke on your own is not nearly as awesome as going out with one of the sexy women. Further, you’ll find these gals at our Amsterdam escort service. These girls will be more than happy to show you around the city. They’ll translate for you when you need it, and help you find exactly the type of coffee shop you desire. Understand the nickname that the weed shops use, especially if you are looking for some to go before going back to your hotel. They’ll give you a night of sexual passion like you’ve never had. Are you in town by yourself, perhaps for business? You never have to spend a moment alone. Instead, go out on the town with an Amsterdam escort.

Top Shops to Try First With Our Haarlem Escorts

Before you get here, we want to give you an idea of what our Haarlem escorts have to offer. These are a handful of the best shops around, and you may want to try them out first. If none of them sound like exactly what you’re looking for, you don’t have to worry. There are dozens more that the sexy girls from our Amsterdam Escort Service 24 can take you to. This just gives you a base starting point and allows you to start planning our your trip to Hemp City.


Sandman almost doesn’t even feel like it’s in Haarlem, which can be nice for some people. It’s a lot quieter, without the crazy busy vibe that you sometimes get in the city. You’ll think you and the Amsterdam escort are on the outskirts, but it’s a lot easier to get here than actually taking the train out of the city. They don’t do much in the way of hash, with only one option. Because they do have a number of different types of weed. There are a lot of locals, so you’re going to want the girl from our Amsterdam escort service to translate for you when you buy. You can find this shop at Zomervaart 154, 2033 DC, Haarlem. If you want to call, just dial +31 (0)23 5402501.

Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla

Willie’s is awesome; make sure that you don’t miss this one. You and the Amsterdam escort may feel like some of the other shops feel too dark and small. But this one has a huge brick patio where you can sit and smoke, complete with tables and wicker chairs. On a nice, sunny day, there is nothing better. The inside is just as big, if the weather does not cooperate. Though supply and prices do change, you should be able to get Power Plant for around seven euros. You can even get Super Pollen for about eight and a half. Extras include a rose garden, computers with Internet access, a jukebox, a pool table and more. You will find it at Houtplein 16a, 2012 DH, Haarlem. You can call them at +31 (0)23 5313718.

Easy Going

If the sheer size of Willie’s is not your thing, this is another smaller shop that you may want to try. It’s relaxed and clean, with a few extras, such as a video game system. You can get White Widow, Amnesia Haze and more. The weed is well cured and well worth the money. This is a place that does not waste time with fancy decorations or loud music. They just give you premium weed, which is exactly what you came for in the first place. You’ll find it at Barrevoetestraat 23, 2011 WN, Haarlem. You can call them at +31 (0)23 5322161.


This is a nice place with friendly staff and a big screen TV. People love to sit around and watch sports while they smoke weed. Evedryone just seems interested in getting along, which makes it very friendly for tourists. If you want to get Orange Bud, it is going to cost ten euros for 1.6 grams. Additionally, you can also get the Regine Special, which gives you five grams for 25 euros, and it’s great. Because you can’t find it anywhere else. Take your beauty from our Amsterdam escort service and find this coffee shop at Gedempte Oudegracht 28, 2011 GP, Haarlem.

High Times

This place stands out from the street because it’s in a more modern concrete building. Different than the traditional brick buildings like so many of the shops. For about 27 euros, you can get five grams of premium Edelweiss. If you get there early on a Friday, though, you can get one of the best deals in the city: The party bags. This is pretty common knowledge, though, so you and the Amsterdam escort seriously have to get there early or they’ll be gone. A whole party bag only costs 20 euros, and you get a full five grams. This shop does have a bit more of a touristy vibe, but you’ll love it for the good weed and the excellent prices. Check it out at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA, Haarlem, or call +31 (0)23 5400798.

Call Amsterdam Escort Service 24 Right Now!

To get all of the fun and excitement that you know you deserve while you’re here, we hope that you’ll give us a call right now! Check out the gallery to find out which gorgeous girls are waiting for you. Take a look at the contact page to find out exactly how to get in touch with your favorite Amsterdam escort.

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