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Hillegom Escorts Finding Excellent Weed!

Let’s just get right to the point, with Hillegom Escorts. Party hard and have great erotic experiences! Contact us at Amsterdam Escort Service 24 because you want to find a real hottie to take out and smoke.  Get baked, and  have fun with a beautiful girl. Get her in bed for incredible sex that will excite you being in a foreign country. It’s probably been your dream since you booked your plane ticket to Amsterdam. There are tons of people who come to Hillegom or close by Rijsenhout every day. They are all looking for the same thing. Don’t miss out on it, just contact us first. You’ll realize that you have already taken a wise step toward living out those dreams.


Hillegom Escorts

Flawless Experiences With Hillegom Escorts

We always think that the best place to start is with the girl. Because, after all, isn’t she the key to the whole thing? Go over to the gallery on this site and take a look at the pictures of our girls. We are the premier Amsterdam escort service because of how hot and alluring these girls are. If you’re after more than good looks, we’ve also put up their bios for you to read. Find a date with the coolest, and the hottest, girl that you’ve ever hung out with. We make that it possible and easy to do in Amsterdam. 

Come back here and take a look at this list of top coffee shops where you and your Amsterdam escort can get all the weed that you want. Do that and afterwards you’ll find Hillegom itself is too small to have many shops, but Haarlem is on your doorstep, so the options are nearly endless. Take your time and remember to pamper yourself!

Hillegom Escorts At Koffieshop Birdy

The selection here is great. If you know what you’re looking for, they have options like Special Jelly Hash, Northern Lights and even one called Ice-o-Later. If you haven’t smoked before, the list is huge, so you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service have plenty to choose from. Most of these girls smoke all of the time, so they can give you recommendations as well. This shop itself is not as dark and confined as some, with huge front windows that give it a lot of light. Find the place at Schoterweg 19, 2021 HZ, Haarlem, and their phone number is +31 (0)23 5253822.

High Times

Maybe they weren’t that creative when they named the place, but they do know how to give you and the Amsterdam escort some prime weed. They’re also pretty nice to your wallet if you and the girl from Amsterdam Escort Service 24 go in on a Friday morning. On that day only, they have party bags where you get about five grams for roughly 20 euros. It’s a great deal, one of the best in the city, and the bags go really fast. Drag yourself out of bed and make sure that you get there.

Even if you’re late, they have a good menu with some interesting choices. The running rates are about on par with what you’re going to find elsewhere. How sick of a Friday night are you going to have, though, if you get a party bag early in the day and smoke it when you and the Amsterdam escort go out in the evening? It’s worth it. Find this shop is found at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA, Haarlem. Call +31 (0)23 5400798.

The Lounge

Are there any two things that go more hand-in-hand than relaxation and pot? If so, we can’t think of them, and this shop brings it by creating an atmosphere that you will love. You’ll probably end up wishing that it was your living room, with all of the comfortable sofas and chairs. This includes the foosball table, the pool table, and everything else. It’s turned into a hang-out spot where people tend to linger. The pot is great too, but the atmosphere is what sets this shop apart. It is located at Doelstraat 29, 2011 XB, Haarlem. Call them, just dial +31 (0)23 7370029.


This brick shop will draw you in with its bright decorations and its neon signs. They have tons of options to pick from, but you should know that the glass bottles that are given out are only to be used in the building. If you’re not planning on staying to smoke, maybe you and the beauty from our Amsterdam escort service want to smoke on your hotel terrace and then head straight to bed. Pick out a pre-measured bag and some papers. On the whole, this is a pretty standard little shop, but it can be a good place to socialize since people usually hang around. Find it at Schoterweg 66, 2021 HP, Haarlem. Call them at +31 (0)23 5259027.

An Emphasis on Local Shops

You may notice that you haven’t heard of any of these shops before. The most famous shop in all of Amsterdam is probably Bulldog. It’s centrally located, internationally-known and always full of people looking for prime weed and hash. However, the downsides include high prices, crowds of tourists, and stock that tends to run out when so many people come in. Go there with a local girl anyway, an Amsterdam escort who knows the city. Place an emphasis on local shops so that you can avoid the long lines and high prices.

Email Amsterdam Escort Service 24 Now!

Call us today. Time-zones can make it hard, so email us if that is more convenient.  We’ve put both our email address and our phone number up on the contact page because we do not want anything to stand between you and these incredible beauties. Hook yourself up and you’ll be with a beautiful Amsterdam escort. Give yourself more coffee shops to choose from, or allow us to do anything else to make your trip happen just the way that you want it to!

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