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Hoofddorp Escorts Bring Enjoy Great Food, Drink, and Music When You Visit!

As the main town of the historic Haarlemmermeer region, Hoofddorp Escorts can show you the perfect place to visit. Take your Amsterdam escort with you when you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city. Founded well over 150 years ago, this town comes with plenty of interesting things to see and do, as well as space to be alone with your beautiful date.

Hoofddorp came to be when two smaller villages were merged after the draining of the old Haarlemmermeer lake in the 19th century. The entire area used to be underwater, but was ingeniously drained in order to preserve living space for the people who lived around the lake. This was not an uncommon issue in the Netherlands at the time. Today, the country marks the practice and how it changed the landscape with museums and small towns.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to come to a new country, especially if you don’t speak the language. In order to make things a little bit simpler for you and your lady, our Amsterdam escort service has put together this list of places to go and things to do while you’re in Hoofddorp. Some attractions are in the town itself, while others are nearby. Of course, you’re never terribly far from the city of Sassenheim itself, and all that it can offer for fun. Still, the smaller locations have a lot to offer, and we outline a few of them for you here.


Hoofddorp Escorts

You and our Hoofddorp Escorts Must Get Together

It might be considered a low key suburb of the big city, but Hoofddorp has no shortage of fun things for you and an Amsterdam escort to experience. The town is right next to Schiphol Airport, and great choices for accommodation. If you find yourself in the area, check out the following attractions, recommended by our Amsterdam escort service.

Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer With Our Hoofddorp Escorts

Located in an old farmhouse, Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer is a small museum about the development of the Haarlemmermeer area. Take in the introductory movie, models of buildings from an earlier era, interactive components and more. Since your Amsterdam escort is likely a cultured lady with an appreciation for history, you’ll both enjoy this attraction. You can find the Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer at Bosweg 17, Hoofddorp 2131 LX, or call 023 5620437 to learn more.

De Pimpernel With Our Hoofddorp Escorts

This is an informal French bistro specializing in seasonal fare and an extensive wine list. Asparagus season is a notable favorite among frequent guests. Sit back and relax with your Amsterdam escort, as your server and host provide delicious food and the utmost in service. Find De Pimpernel at Kruisweg 959, Hoofddorp 2132 CD, or call 023-5615970 to learn more.


In Haarlem, a city about 10 miles west of Amsterdam and just north of Hoofddorp, you’ll find the music venue Patronaat. This hot spot is known for bringing in some of the best bands from near and far. Our Amsterdam escort service knows that this is preferred place for our Hoofddorp escorts, as well as many people who come to get a taste of local culture. You can find Patronaat at Zijlsingel 2, Haarlem 2013 DN or by calling +31 23 517 5850.

Cafe Briljant

If you and your Amsterdam escort are looking for something a bit more quiet and intimate, check out Cafe Briljant. This is a fine spot for beer lovers, as well as those who want to hear great music to accompany a good conversation or a board game. You’ll also enjoy an excellent whiskey selection. Our escort service has heard people enjoy the activities, such as live music, tastings, brewing and crafting workshops and more. Stop into Cafe Briljant at Lange Annastraat 33, Haarlem 2011 XG or call +31 23 5422925 to find out more.

Trattoria Buoni Amici

A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Trattoria Buoni Amici is an authentic Italian restaurant with friendly service and a casual atmosphere. The Surprise Menu comes highly recommended, and even real Italian visitors will be impressed. Take your Amsterdam escort here for a great lunch or dinner. Find Trattoria Buoni Amici at Concourslaan 3, Hoofddorp 2132 DH, or call 023-5556923.

L’ Hirondelle If you’re just beginning your day, enjoy breakfast or lunch at L’ Hirondelle. Our escort service knows you and your beautiful companion will enjoy the lovely setting near a pond and fountain, just at the edge of a park. Delicious Dutch and Belgian food, friendly staff and some time with your date. What more could you want? L’ Hirondelle is located at Boslaan 7, Hoofddorp 2132 RJ or can be reached by calling 023-5624628.

Anak Blitar

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more exotic, check out this Indonesian restaurant. Choose your food and spice level from a generous and well priced buffet, or simply get something for take out. If either you or your companion are vegetarian, you’ll appreciate the range of options at this establishment. Stop in to Concourslaan 8 A 2132 DK, Hoofddorp or call 023-5624737.

Barista Cafe Hoofddorp

When you’re in the mood for some good coffee and a casual place to sit, Barista Cafe Hoofddorp is the place to go. Amsterdam roasted coffee, lite snacks and more right in Hoofddorp. All of the girls from our escort service enjoy a casual break from the hustle and bustle, and Barista Cafe Hoofddorp might be a nice stop before a long day out. Find it at Burgemeester van Stamplein 216, Hoofddorp or when you call 0237514919.

You’re Going to Love Hoofddorp with an Amsterdam Escort

Hoofddorp will offer you and your Amsterdam escort plenty to do during a little time outside of the big city. Our Amsterdam escort service hand selects each girl to ensure that she’s not only easy on the eyes, but ready to hold good conversation and enjoy any activity. Call Amsterdam Escort Service 24 today to make your date!

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