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Where to Drink, Eat, Smoke, and Date With Our Lisse Escorts!

Dating our Lisse Escorts is going to be a blast! There is just so much to do; if anything, you’re going to feel like you do not have enough time here to see everything. In addition, you’ll want to see and to really experience it all, and the better you manage your time, the more you’ll experience. When you go out with a girl from Amsterdam Escort Service 24, you’re going to have the time of your life, and you’re going to wish that your time together never had to come to an end. With so little time and some much to do, how do you find the best places to go? The answer is simple: You ask us.


Lisse Escorts

Sure, our main focus is on finding you that ideal Amsterdam escort that you have been dreaming of. Additionally, that’s certainly not all that we can do. We’ve been here forever, and the escorts themselves have a ton of experience going out on the town. Because, who could be better qualified to tell you where to go and what to see than someone from our Amsterdam escort service? Further, we focus on two main points. The restaurants where you can get a great meal and coffee shops where you can find premium marijuana. Remember to just sit back and relax; enjoy yourself on your holiday.

Happy Days with Our Lisse Escorts

Let’s start off with a coffee shop where you and the Amsterdam escort can get weed quickly and easily. Your options may include White Widow, Orange Bud, Purple Haze, and much else. Though it is worth noting that the stock rotates based on what they can get. This place is unmarked on the outside, so make sure that you write the address down. Prices are good and it shouldn’t be too packed since it is unmarked. If you’ve got something to write with, that address is Heereweg 153, 2161 BC Lisse. You can also give them a call at +31 (0)252 429594. Take the time and prepare for this one as it is well worth it.

Restaurant De Engel With Our Lisse Escorts

Every girl at our Amsterdam escort service agrees that this is one of the best restaurants in town. It is modern and high-end, with everything served on pristine white plates. The chef has an eye for presentation that somehow makes the food seem to taste even better. They have international cuisine, so you and the Amsterdam escort can choose from a huge menu, and you should be sure to ask about any specials for the day. The specials change frequently, but they could include fresh caught fish, steak seared on the grill, and more.

This restaurant also heavily focuses on the bar, and it even feels a bit more like a bar late in the evening. If you just stop in to get a drink, they have everything from local beer to international imports. Further they sell hard alcohol like gin, bourbon and scotch. You can find this restaurant at Heereweg 386, 2161 DG Lisse, Netherlands. Their phone number is +31 252 211 880.

Event Centre De Nachtegaal

This place is a bar, a restaurant and a hotel all merged into one, so it gives you everything that you could want while you’re in town. Do you not have a room booked for you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service? Book one here, and you won’t regret it. The bar is on the first level, and it is done with a classic style, with huge mirrors, perfect lighting, and a lot of accent touches made of polished wood. You’ll be drinking in style, and, when you’re done, you and the Amsterdam escort can go upstairs to your jacuzzi tub. Afterwards, relax on your king-sized bed for some fun of your own. You will find this place at Heereweg 10, 2161 AG Lisse, Netherlands. Call them at +31 252 433 030.

Café-Bar-Biljartcentrum de Taveerne

If you do have a room booked for you and the sexy girl from our Amsterdam escort service and you just want a place to eat and drink, this one fits the bill. It’s pretty laid back, and there are usually people hanging around, playing pool and throwing darts. It’s a good place to get a pint or three of local beer, eat some bar food and relax. If you’re looking for high-class style, you won’t find it here, though. It is located at Wagendwarsstraat 31, 2161 ZH Lisse, Netherlands. Call them at +31 252 413 670.

Find Your Amsterdam Escort in Our Galley

Take a look at our gallery. Maybe you’ve heard how many times we’ve insisted that these girls are beautiful and charming. In addition, you may just want to see some proof. Take one look, and we know that you’ll be on the phone, trying to call us at Amsterdam Escort Service 24. Make sure you get a date with one of them.

If you want more pictures, just ask, and we’ll be glad to send you some. At the same time, though, make sure that you take a moment to read the bios for each girl. They can tell you a lot about what the girls are like so that you have no trouble finding the one who is going to be most compatible with you. In other words, who is going to be that foreign lover that you’ve always wanted.

How to Get in Touch with Us

As mentioned, the best way to set up a date with an Amsterdam escort is just to give us a call today. Our main line is right on the home page. We are always waiting by the phone for your call. If you’d rather not call – maybe time zones make it so that the best time to call is the middle of the night for you – then you can email us instead. If you do that, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, and usually sooner. Get in touch with us now!

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