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Matilda Bio

Matilda Is a Beautiful Woman, and She Wants to Hang With You!

Amsterdam escort Matilda is the perfect companion for someone who loves a petite, exotic looking lady. In addition, she’s a warm person with a taste for the wild nightlife.

Originally from France, Matilda is one of the favorites at our Amsterdam Escort Service.  For instance, her sexy accent and love of all cultures. Further, she mixes well with clients from other countries and loves hearing what you have to say. Matilda knows how to enhance any plans. Therefore, if you have an idea for the evening, Matilda would love to hear it.  She loves a day at the beach or hiking in the dunes, and visiting nearby villages such as Hillegom.  Similarly, she is just at home at a cocktail party, the theater, or a sporting event.

Who Is Matilda?

Matilda’s family is originally from the far north, though the Amsterdam escort herself has only visited as an adult. In addition, she loves the crisp air of the cooler seasons. But she is always happy when bikini season comes back around. We imagine you would be too! Because, having spent most of her life in France, she has a love of rich food and fine wine. In other words, she’ll be happy joining you for either or both. In addition, she actually spent some time working in a winery. You will be impressed with her vast knowledge of the entire wine making and drinking experience.

In addition to her time with our Amsterdam Escort Service 24, Matilda is going to school to be a veterinarian. She’s always loved animals, and is passionate about helping them, as well as their owners, to enjoy long and healthy lives.

Call Us Now to Meet

In conclusion, Amsterdam escort Matilda is waiting to party with you. She will show you all of her favorite clubs and bars. If you’re ready for good conversation followed by a night of fun, call Amsterdam Escort Service 24 tonight!

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