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Noordwijk Escorts Find The Best Restaurants for a Date!

At Amsterdam Escort Service 24, we do all of the hard work of setting up your date with our Noordwijk Escorts. We find you the most beautiful girl that you can imagine. They are always excited about the date, and who you already know will be thrilled to spend the night with you. It’s like online dating, but way easier, and the girls are actually hot. Don’t believe us? Just take a moment to look at the gallery, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The hard part isn’t finding a sexy Amsterdam escort, it’s looking through all of your options to find the one you want most!

You want to take the girl from our Amsterdam escort service and give her a date that she’ll enjoy. You want to impress her and make her night. This means taking her to a beautiful restaurant, and showing her how interested you are. Perhaps, just putting your best foot forward. You and the girls get to learn about each other online in advance. You’ll know you’re going to get along. The night can be that much better if she sees how much you care about making sure that everything is perfect.

We’d like to point you in the direction of some of the best Noordwijk restaurants that you can find. When you pick up the Amsterdam escort, make sure that you check out one of these places and possible others such as Voorhout.


Noordwijk Escorts

Noordwijk Escorts Take You To Villa de Duinen

This coastal hotel specializes in beautiful views of the water. The huge windows that they have put in make sure that you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service don’t miss any of it. The building itself was designed and constructed right around 1902. Its old, classic vibe is something that you just don’t get with new construction. Therefore, it creates the perfect atmosphere for fine dining. In addition, this high-class place has international cuisine done flawlessly. Similarly you’ll find everything is terrific, right down to the presentation. Because whether you want to go here after a day on the beach together or before you take a walk, hand-in-hand, to watch the sunset over the water, you won’t be disappointed. Their address is Oude Zeeweg 74, 2202 CE Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 71 364 8932.

Het Galjoen With Our Noordwijk Escorts

This restaurant is still incredibly nice, but it does not have the over-the-top feel of a place like Villa de Duinen. It’s a bit more rustic and laid-back, with barn beams worked into the decorations and a real down-to-earth vibe. This gives it a good, traditional Dutch feel that the Amsterdam escort will enjoy as much as you do. They have breakfast dishes like croissants that you can get with tea or coffee. Especially nice after a passionate night with the sexy girl from our Amsterdam escort service. You can turn to dinner classics in the evening, such as steak, chicken, fresh-caught fish, and all the rest. Find it at Parallel Boulevard 2a, 2202 HP Noordwijk aan Zee. Call them at 071 3622990.

Onder de Linde

The cuisine here is French, Dutch and a mixture of the two. This is something that is very common in the Netherlands. They creatively bring the two cuisines together, and the presentation is excellent. Therefore, you’re sure to enjoy your meal with the Amsterdam escort. However, it is worth noting that what they really pride themselves on is giving you an incredible wine menu. The thing feels like a book, and it’s one of the largest you’ll find in the whole city. If you’re a wine lover, you can find your favorite vintages from places like France, the United States, Australia and many other countries. If you’re new to it, the staff can help you pick out an ideal pairing and introduce you to something new. The address for this intimate place is Voorstraat 133, 2201 HS Noordwijk Zh, Netherlands. Call +31 71 362 3197 for a reservation.


Very quickly, we have to mention Lekker, because it’s just too good to leave out. The flooring is done with dark, beautiful hardwood, and everything from there up just draws you in with the luxurious atmosphere. They offer candles on the tables, which makes it feel even more intimate for you. Because, this sets the scene for you and and your beautiful companion from our Amsterdam escort service. Enjoy a romantic date with a great bottle of wine and food that is exquisite. Afterwards, you won’t be too filled up, but completely satisfied. Therefore, look no further, you and the Amsterdam escort will find this place at Rembrandtweg 7, 2202 AR Noordwijk, Netherlands. Reserve your table, just dial +31 71 361 2781.

Other Attractions

Perhaps you have more than just dinner on your mind. In addition, you may want to hit up some other attractions before the day is over. Check out the local golf club for one of the best courses in the Netherlands. It’s a relaxing way to spend the day, and you can drink in the clubhouse. There are also three museums: The Veldzicht, the Atlantikwall, and the main Noordwijk Museum. These bring together all manner of art and history, inspiring feelings of nostalgia in those who live in the Netherlands. In addition, they offer visitors a view into the past. They are all terrific, but the Noordwijk Museum is the one you should not miss if you don’t have time for all three.

Amsterdam Escort Service 24: Make the Call!

So, you make the call. Do you want to go out with a sexy girl who loves every moment of the date and gives you all of the attention that you’re after? In conclusion, enjoy yourself while turning heads whenever she walks in a door. You’ve seen the pictures of each Amsterdam escort in the gallery. If you think a night out with one of them sounds like it can’t be beat, you know what to do!

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