Sex Escapades in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam’s Sex Escapades: Sex Clubs Await Your Pleasure

If you’re visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you might be a bit surprised at how open the city is to sex. This is especially true if you’re coming from a rather conservative country. However, it’s also one aspect of the city and surrounding area that draws people in to see what the hype is all about. From the Red-Light District to various sex clubs, the city is a mecca for everything related to sex.

Where to Begin Your Visit to Amsterdam

So, what strikes your fancy? Would you like to have Amsterdam escort on your arm to start your tour? That’s easy enough to do, too, with one phone call. Even if you choose to explore the Red-Light District or other destinations by yourself, there is plenty to see and do. Consider the following:

Casa Rosso: The Original Sex Theater in Amsterdam

The show at the Casa Rosso is certainly not for the faint-of-heart. You’ll see all sorts of acts, including some lady parts with interesting and impressive dexterity. Most people come to Casa Rosso, though, for the live sex acts. These are generally performed by couples who are considered “porn stars,” but rather are real-life couples with a penchant for exhibitionism. These acts are likely to leave you more fascinated than aroused. There will be an invitation for audience members to participate, but unless you are really open-minded, you might want to pass. You can find Casa Rosso at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108, 1012 DS Amsterdam and can phone them at 31 20 627 8954.

Club LV: First Five Drinks Free with Paid Admission

Depending which night, you go, there may be a plethora of girls working to ensure you have a good time. When you pay the € 75 admission fee, you get your first five drinks on the house. The décor is very modern and sleek, and this club is very clean, according to the reviews. The available ladies are amenable, and there is little doubt that you’ll have a great time here. This high-end brothel is located at Middenweg 144, 1097 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can phone ahead at 31 20 663 6662.

Moulin Rouge

This sex club takes after it’s Parisian name and eager audiences will enjoy the saucy entertainment. Moulin Rouge is a must for visitors to the Red-Light District, with theatre seats for you to enjoy the show. Within an hour, you’ll see about four shows, and the acts change regularly. Many shows are based around a specific prop, such as a vibrator or a banana, so you’ll certainly have some stories when you return home. While the live sex shows often feature couples that are a bit older than expected, and there is often more humor and enjoyment to be had than eroticism, you’ll still guaranteed a sexy good time. It’s located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 5-7 1012 DA Amsterdam, and you can phone them at 31 20 6275030.

Enjoy Your Visit to Amsterdam’s Sex Clubs

There are many choices when it comes to live sex shows in Amsterdam. You’re sure to have a hot time here and you’ll soon see that these clubs live up to your expectations.

Discover the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam

People might come to Amsterdam to get to know the beautiful and willing female companions, though several are also here to experience the coffee shops. Sure, there are coffee shops in the city that simply sell coffee, but the term is typically meant to indicate establishments that sell marijuana, and allow patrons to smoke it.

How do you choose? Further, where do you want to go to get to know your lovely escort, as well as show her off to those around you? To help you out, we’ve made a list of places to go in the city that are likely to show you the best time. Spend a few moments acquainting yourself with these names, and then figure out which ones you want to visit — if not all of them.

Barney’s Coffeeshop

Situated in a 500-year-old building and the winner of several awards, Barney’s is a great place to experience this culture. In addition to quality smoking products sold by a knowledgeable staff, you can get a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Find Barney’s at Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW Amsterdam or call 0031 20 4206655.

Green House Centrum

Want a famous coffee house frequented by celebrities and not far from the Red-Light District? Green House Centrum might be in a small space, but the smoke is wonderful and the atmosphere is rich. Visitors to the area will walk away feeling like they had a complete experience. Stop in to Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW Amsterdam or call 0031 20 6271739.


Diversify your time in the coffee shops with a visit to the multilingual staff of Bluebird. The setting is modern, and quite different than that of the coffee shops in the Red-Light District. Since the 1980s it’s been offering marijuana and hash, as well as satisfying foods. Come to Bluebird at Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71, 1011 HB Amsterdam, or learn more by calling 0031 20 6225232.

Smoke Palace

When you want to smoke, what you really want to do is relax. Formerly known as “New York,” Smoke Palace is an east district, homey place. It’s laid back, cozy and airy at the same time, and makes it possible for you to simply smoke, sit back and enjoy. Find Smoke Palace at Linnaeusstraat 83HS, 1093 EK Amsterdam or when you call 0031 20 463 2580.  

Mellow Yellow

Founded in 1970, Mellow Yellow is among the oldest Amsterdam coffee shops. It’s hung on to some of the style and décor of its early years, so rather than being a place for a fancy night out, it’s a location for a genuine sample of rooted, local smoking culture. Stop in to Vijzelgracht 33, 1017 HN Amsterdam or call 0031 20 6380436.

Find Your Niche

With the wide variety of smoke and coffee shops in Amsterdam, there’s going to be something for everyone. This city is glad to welcome anyone who enjoys smoking, and wants to do so in a safe and positive atmosphere. You and your Amsterdam escort will love kicking back in the comfortable rooms of the best coffee shops, and experiencing something that you can’t anywhere else in the world.

Traditional Movie Dates in Amsterdam: A Guide to the Cinema

Maybe you’ve already heard about the international film festival that takes place in Amsterdam every year – known as the IDFA – but you’re not thinking that documentaries from all around the world are really what you’re after. Perhaps you just want to take a hot Amsterdam escort out for a more traditional movie date, seeing a chick flick or a comedy, before the two of you head to the bar, the club, or the local coffee shops. You’ll be glad to know that there are around 55 different theaters to choose from.

When you go to the movies, make sure that you check the original language that the film was shot in first, especially if you’re just here to visit the Amsterdam escorts, and if you don’t speak Dutch. The common practice in Amsterdam is not to dub the movies over with Dutch, but to leave the movies in their original language. For Dutch speakers, subtitles are then added on. However, if you only speak English and you go to a Japanese movie, you’ll neither be able to understand the Japanese that is being spoken nor the subtitles that are being displayed.

Movie prices in the Netherlands are about what you’d expect, coming in at roughly eight euros. If you’re coming from another country, make sure that you do the conversion rate first to see the true cost, as the foreign exchange rate is different for every currency. Of course, the price can change depending on things like the time of day that the movie is playing.

One of the great things about going to the movies here is that they often come with a lot of extras. You can still get popcorn and drinks, like you expect, but it can go beyond that. Take Cine Center, for example, where you can buy a cup of coffee and even a meal to eat while watching the film. Your meal comes on a plate with utensils, and then they take the dirty dishes away when you’re done. Another example is Cinema De Balie, which serves both beer and coffee, or The Movies, which has both a cafe and a restaurant inside. 

What this means is that you can plan your entire date around your trip to the theater. Why worry about where you’re going to eat and get drinks when you can do it all at once? This is a fun experience that gets the date with the Amsterdam escort off on the right foot.

Take Your Time and Explore Your Options

The best way to start planning your trip is to look into your movie options right now. You can find all of the old classics, the new movies that have just hit the big screen, indie movies that are getting a limited release, documentaries that were at the film festival the year before, and much more. Make sure that you take all of the extras and options into account when choosing where to go, and you can be sure that the two of you will have a wonderful night.

Barney's Coffee Shop

Street View of Barneys Coffeeshop