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Vijfhuizen Escorts Will Help You Find Clubs and Coffee Shops In Vijfhuizen

Vijfhuizen Escorts will see that you are trying to find a coffee shop in Vijfhuizen and coming up empty. Here at Amsterdam Escort Service, we have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad. Vijfhuizen is located in something of a dead zone between Amsterdam itself and Haarlem. There are not any real shops in this area.

It will be difficult if you want to go out and smoke with an Amsterdam escort or get some weed to enjoy in your hotel room. Before you climb into bed together, you’re not really going to be able to do it. However, don’t worry; the good news is that Haarlem is the weed capital of the world. A place that proudly calls itself the Hemp City. And it is only four kilometers – just under two and a half miles – away! The Amsterdam girls know several places to visit than you could find on the internet!

The solution, then, is simply to run into Haarlem. Buy the weed that you’ve been searching for, and then head back to Vijfhuizen to enjoy your stay. If you want, you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service can stock up on enough weed to last you the whole time that you’re here. Perhaps you’ll want to go to the shops each day to get out and see some more of the town. No matter which option seems best to you, we’ve got a whole list of excellent shops that you can try.


Vijfhuizen Escorts

Take you to Willie Wortel’s  Ativa  Vijfhuizen Escorts 

Vijfhuizen Escorts can show you proof of how liberal and open Haarlem is. Just look no further than this branch of Willie’s. The sign outside is brightly made with neon lights. It straight-up says that it is a cannabis shop. In addition, other places try to be subtle, calling themselves coffee shops, but Willie’s doesn’t even bother. Inside, they even put up another sign, this one welcoming you to “Hemp City.” The seating is comfortable, with red leather booths that you and the Amsterdam escort can share. The selection is pretty good, and the prices seem to fit. This is a big, well-known shop, so it’s going to get a lot of traffic. It’s not the only branch, though. They have a map inside to help you find the other ones. This one is located at Kruisweg 46, 2011 LD, Haarlem, and their listed phone number is +31 (0)23 5317770.

Maximillian With Our Vijfhuizen Escorts

This shop is a bit smaller – as the girl from our Amsterdam escort service will tell you. That’s a bit more the norm around here – but it still has an excellent selection. If you want to smoke tobacco, you can get it for just .30 euros. That’s not something that a lot of places offer. As far as the weed is concerned, they have Lemon Haze, Amnesia, Super Pohm, and more. There are just five tables, but they provide seating for 20 people, so you should be able to get a seat. Along with tobacco, one of the extras at this shop is that they actually have tea and coffee. You can drink and smoke at once. You’ll find this shop at Gedempte Oudegracht 123, 2011 GP, Haarlem. Their phone number is not listed.


This is more of a little corner store where you and the Amsterdam escort will find a friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere. They even have a big-screen TV that you can watch. This is key if there is a game on. The Orange Bud is great, and it’s not even that expensive, at just 10 euros for 1.6 grams. You can also get the Regine Special, which tastes terrific, and which runs at a rate of 5 grams for 25 euros. If you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service are in the mood for some tea, they have an excellent mint tea. You won’t be able to put down. It goes very well with the weed and hash. You can find this shop at Gedempte Oudegracht 28, 2011 GP, Haarlem.


If you and the Amsterdam escort are looking for more of a quiet little shop, this one could be perfect for you. They do not get as much traffic as some of the bigger shops. The people are not always rushing in and out, and you can relax. They have a lot of options, though, including Top Polm, Jelly, Loozas, and Super Silver Haze. Like many other places, this shop is in a small brick building, but there is still good light because of the large glass windows in front. The staff is friendly and accommodating. You and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service can find this place at Schoterweg 66, 2021 HP, Haarlem, and their phone number is +31 (0)23 5259027.

What Can You Do with an Amsterdam Escort?

Now that you know where to get the weed for your trip to Vijfhuizen. You may be wondering what you can do with the beautiful girls that we can hook you up with when you arrive. Because the short answer is that you can do anything that you want. Holland is great because weed is just as legal here as sex. These girls will be happy to come with you to the sex shops. Similarly, if you’re looking for any accessories to make your fantasies come true, they can take a stroll through the Red Light district with you.

The sex clubs are also legal, and they’d be more than happy to share your bed all night long. Most important, this is a city where freedom is everywhere and people really know how to have fun. These girls from our Amsterdam escort service will be glad to show you what that means.

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